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Show what makes your app different with screen-recorded demo videos

We create demo videos that help people understand your web or mobile app before they download, start a trial or buy.

What are screen-recorded demo videos?

Screen-recorded demos combine screenshots and recorded footage of your website or app being used, to explain key features. Showcasing your software’s user experience, screen-recorded demos help educate, inform and convince potential customers to download, trial, or purchase your product.

Screen-recorded demos can be a valuable advertising tool, used to demonstrate effectiveness and encourage conversions across your landing pages, social media channels, email marketing and more.

How to use screen-recorded demo videos


How to use screen-recorded demos on your website

Prospects visit your website to learn more about your products. A screen-recorded demo adds value to potential customers by showing them exactly how your web or mobile app works, in a clear, concise and effective way. Informative video content builds trust; encouraging conversion and boosting purchases by up to 144% (HubSpot). Using demo videos on your landing pages also has some nifty SEO benefits. Videos engage viewers, encouraging them to spend more time on your landing pages. The amount of time users spend browsing your landing page is a key SEO ranking factor; therefore using demo videos can help to boost your website’s position on the search engine results pages.
Social Media

How to use screen-recorded demos on social media

Sharing your demo video on social media is a great way to educate prospects about your software; showing users how it behaves and giving a great insight into both the user experience and core features it offers. With 64% of consumers having been influenced to make a purchase after watching a video on Facebook during the last month (HubSpot), the benefits of combining the two tools are evident to see. Demos can aid users along their journey to purchase by clearing up common FAQs and highlighting USPs. Clearly; social media videos are valuable tools for software businesses to boost conversions. To make your video even more persuasive, include a call-to-action in or below your video, directing users to where they can download your app or software. To increase your video’s impressions, you can also take advantage of pinned tweets and pinned Facebook posts. These features help ensure that your video is among the first content that visitors to your Twitter and Facebook pages see, leaving them in no doubt about what you do and how your product works.
Paid Advertising

How to use screen-recorded demos in paid advertising

Supporting your social media advertising with paid spend opens up a wealth of targeting options; allowing you to target users based on the demographics that matter to your business. Paid advertising helps you to focus your campaigns; ensuring your brand, product and messaging are seen by the people who are most valuable to your business. By targeting users with a demo video, not only are you educating them about your app; you’re walking them step-by-step though how it works. Educating the user in this way increases their understanding of your product offering and how this meets their personal needs, preferences and goals. In turn, this builds customer trust and encourages people to download your app. From a social media perspective, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all offer excellent paid advertising options. These not quite what you’re looking for? There are plenty of useful platforms out there, depending on your target audience.
App Store/Google Play

How to use screen-recorded demos on the App Store/Google Play

Upload a demo video to your App Store and Google Play listings to educate users and give them an in-depth look into the features and user experience your app offers. Educating potential customers in this way provides prospects with all the information they need in order to make a purchase decision. Adding videos to your app listings is incredibly effective, with research showing that 49% of the top 200 App Store apps, and 79.5% of the top 200 Google Play apps, use video on their app page. An added benefit of educating customers is it helps you manage user expectations, leading to better customer satisfaction and reviews, in addition to higher rates of user retention; it’s a win-win situation.
How to use screen-recorded demos for customer support and FAQs

Customer Support & FAQs

As well as convincing new customers to download your software, demo videos can improve customer satisfaction and boost user retention. Creating demos of complex software for use on your FAQ pages or customer resources hub can help answer common customer queries. This empowers customers; helping them to make the most out of your app. In turn, you’ll enjoy high levels of satisfaction and customer retention.
Training & Onboarding

How to use screen-recorded demos for training and onboarding

From an internal perspective, demo videos can also be a valuable resource for educating employees, ensuring that they know your software or app inside-out. Video demos can be used to help them understand key tools that they will use in their job, or be better informed about products so they can sell in a more effective way. You can save your demo videos to your company’s intranet or e-learning portal, allowing your employees to refresh their knowledge whenever required. As video learning is efficient, cost-effective and available on demand; it’s not surprise that major companies are incorporating video learning into their training strategies.

Why use screen-recorded demo videos?

Combining video of your product in use, along with recordings which highlight key features, can be a powerful tool; improving the audience’s understanding of your product. HubSpot research has found that 72% of consumers prefer to learn about products or services via video, rather than reading text. In such a way, screen-recorded demos educate and persuade your viewers in their preferred format. Videos are an effective way to educate potential customers, encouraging them to convert.

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