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We create innovative and engaging animated video content for the healthcare industry

What are healthcare animated videos?

Healthcare videos are designed to showcase your medical expertise and gain the patient’s trust. There are many ways our animated videos can be used in your industry; from explaining your services, showcasing the benefits you offer and enhancing staff training, to improving client onboarding and more.

How to use healthcare animated videos

Patient Onboarding

How to use healthcare animated videos for patient onboarding

Patient onboarding is a repetitive and time-consuming process. Our explainer videos efficiently and clearly tell patients everything they need to know, without them needing to read long, complex documents where key information could be easily missed. Patient onboarding videos also increase efficiency; reducing the amount of questions directed at your staff, letting them get on with more important tasks, such as patient care. Using video content in patient onboarding is a consistent, comprehensive and time efficient way to carry out an otherwise complex and time-consuming task.
New Product Launches

How to use healthcare animated videos for new product launches

Medical products can be complex; therefore it is important to educate your patients. Animated video is a quick, comprehensive and cost-effective way of promoting new products or services. It allows you to clearly and effectively communicate the benefits of new products, condensing complex medical ideas and solutions into easily-digestible visualisations.
Trade Shows

How to use healthcare animated videos for trade shows

If you frequently promote your medical products and services at trade events, then explainer videos can come in handy. Watching the video gives event attendees a no-pressure space to learn about your business, encouraging them to visit your booth and chat to a salesperson. Our videos can also save your salespeople time, allowing them to focus on converting qualified leads.

How to use healthcare animated videos for e-learning

Beyond marketing, healthcare videos can also be a useful resource for training staff. Our videos distil complex medical ideas into bitesize information that aids learning and helps staff develop a comprehensive understanding of your products and services. E-learning is cost and time efficient. Whilst traditional classroom-based learning often incurs costs related to travel, venue hire and trainer fees, e-learning only requires an initial spend on video production. The best bit? E-learning video content can be used time and time again, allowing learners to revisit key topics and making great value for money.

Why use healthcare animated videos?

Healthcare is dominated by ‘old-school’ flyers and booklets. Stand out from the masses and engage your target audience with a creative healthcare explainer animation. Healthcare videos are highly efficient; allowing the same messages to be conveyed swiftly, comprehensively and consistently, whilst taking some of the pressure off your hardworking staff.

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