11 March 2020

Animated Explainer Videos- What's the Best Style for Your Business?

Screencast Animations 

Screencast animations capture your information as a screen recording, allowing your viewer to navigate your screen along with you. This type of video is typically simple and cheaper to produce. It’s ...

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16 September 2019

The top 5 uses for video animations on social media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become popular global hang-out spots, with a whopping 33% of the world’s population using social media regularly (eMarketer, 2016). The sheer volume of users, in addition to the granular ...

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30 August 2019

How product videos can help drive conversions

Animated product videos are powerful pieces of content that educate viewers; showcasing your product’s appearance and key features. They spark interest, giving prospects the information and ...

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