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We create engaging animated explainer videos for the automotive industry

What are animated automotive videos?

Automotive videos are short videos which can be used for a variety of purposes, including telling viewers all about your brand, launching new products and highlighting unique features. You can share your video on your website, post it on social media and include it in your email sends to maximise views and drive conversions. Our bespoke videos are also great for use at presentations and trade shows.

How to use animated automotive videos


How to use animated automotive videos on your website

Adding explainer videos to your homepage and key product pages is a great way to inform website visitors about key benefits of your automotive technology. To make the most out your landing page videos, include clear call-to-actions, encouraging prospects to fill in contact forms, sign-up to your email newsletters and subscribe to your social media updates. This helps you to collect qualified leads to pass on to your sales teams for additional nurturing.
Social Media

How to use animated automotive videos on social media

Posting an explainer video on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is also an effective way to promote your product, engage key audiences and encourage conversion. To maximise the power of social media, encourage sharing among customers and staff. This will help increase exposure, boost impressions and give new page visitors an excellent understanding of your products or services. Alternatively, you can use paid social advertising to target your video adverts, ensuring that they appear in the feeds of your ideal audience; people who are likely to have a real interest in your automotive solutions.

How to use animated automotive videos at events

If you regularly exhibit at automotive events and trade fairs, then an animated explainer video can come in very useful. Our animated explainer videos help to educate event attendees about your automotive solutions, encouraging them to visit your booth and interact with your sales teams. This boosts efficiency, giving viewers an understanding of your product and allowing your salespeople to focus on converting users who are already engaged. Our explainer videos are also effective openers for product pitches. They provide a comprehensive, clear and engaging introduction to your product offering, which ensures an effective and consistent start to your talk each and every time.

How to use animated automotive videos in training

An automotive explainer video is a great way to train your staff. Our videos distil complex engineering ideas into bitesize information that aids learning. Research has found that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video, rather than read documents, emails or articles (HubSpot). That means that using video content in your training improves the likelihood of your staff engaging with and remembering their training. The result? More knowledgeable staff who have the core skills to get out and sell your product the way it deserves.

Why use animated automotive videos?

Information in the automotive industry can be complex and dense, as well as very varied depending on the stakeholders you are addressing; so let an animated video take care of the difficult task of transforming your complicated content into a clear and easy-to-digest format.

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