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Educate your users with software feature explainer videos

A software feature demo will showcase the best parts of your product to give viewers a better understanding of how it works and encourage them to sign up, download, or purchase!

What are software feature explainer videos?

Our animated software explainer videos guide viewers step-by-step through your product features and how to use them. This helps users to fully understand how your product works, increasing trust and potentially persuading prospects to purchase or download your software. Existing customers can also benefit from your explainer video, as the content can help them to get the most out of your product.

How to use software feature videos


How to use software feature videos on your website

Featuring your animated software explainer video on your website can add real value for users. It demonstrates the user experience, giving prospects an in-depth look into how your software product or app works. Showing your product in action is far more valuable than simply talking about its benefits. Adding a software explainer video to your website helps prospects make an educated purchase decision; managing customer expectations, as well as driving satisfaction and retention.

How to use software feature videos on YouTube

As the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube is one of the most popular places internet users go to find answers to their questions. Uploading software explainer content to your channel can help answer customer queries, educating viewers about how your product works and how to make the most out of key features. Include key-word rich titles, descriptions and captions in order to maximise your ranking for key search terms. By search engine optimising your YouTube video, you can also boost traffic to your website. Finish your software explainer video with a strong call-to-action, encouraging viewers to click-through to your website for more information.
Google Play/App Store

How to use software feature videos on Google Play/App Store

Both Google Play and App Store allow you to include a video showcasing your app’s core features and functionality on your app listing. This content engages the viewer, whilst educating them about how your product works and how to make the most out of key features. Software feature videos leave the viewer in no doubt about the functionality and limitations of your product. This confidence builds trust and encourages downloads. In fact, including app preview videos can boost conversion by up to 35% across App Store and Google Play (StoreMaven). Implement software feature videos in your app listings to give a great introduction to your product, demonstrate the overall user experience and let potential customers know what they can expect if they download your product. In turn, you’ll potentially enjoy higher rates of customer satisfaction and retention.
FAQ Pages

How to use software feature videos on FAQ pages

Adding software explainer videos to FAQ pages and help hubs can make it easier for existing customers to find key information. This allows users to find all the information they need about your product 24/7, and it encourages them to learn how to make the most out of your software. Include ‘how to’ videos on FAQ pages, walking users step-by-step through accomplishing key tasks. By making educational resources readily available, you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce queries and take the burden off your hardworking customer service teams. Educating your customers can increase engagement, boost customer satisfaction and retention.
Training Resources

How to use software feature videos on training resources

Internally, software explainer animations can be used as a training resource for onboarding new hires, or upskilling existing employees on key software. Training can help improve product understanding, or help your employees to learn internal systems that are key to their day-to-day work. Video is the perfect medium for learning complex systems. Our videos combine visual, audial and kinetic elements, creating an engaging mix which can boost attention and information retention. Unlike a training course, videos can also be revisited whenever your employees need to refresh their knowledge. Videos provide an accessible, interesting and efficient way to deal with knowledge gaps and empower employees’ learning.

Why use software feature explainer videos?

Even the most user-friendly software will puzzle some potential customers. An animated demo video goes beyond traditional screenshots, providing a dynamic way for the viewer to learn more about how your software works. Ultimately, this can improve customer satisfaction and open the door to repeat business and up-sells.

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