Interactive Animated Videos

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Ensure maximum impact with an interactive animated video.

Interactive video gives viewers the power to engage with content like never before. This offers a world of opportunity to marketers – the ability to tell incredible interactive stories, tailor content, implement lead capture forms, ask questions, sell products and more.

What are interactive animated videos?

An interactive animation provides the opportunity to create story-led adventures, which allow viewers to make decisions that guide the video narrative. Interactive video is incredibly versatile and it can be used to entertain, inform and poll users, in addition to selling products, or conveying a chosen message.

How to use interactive animated videos

Story-led Adventures

How to use interactive animated videos for story-led adventures

Interactive animation lets the viewer make decisions that directly influence the narrative; it’s a format which captures and entertains your audience. Interactive video can also be used to drive home key information by involving the user in seeking out the messages. You can test out real-life scenarios your users are likely to encounter; encouraging them to pick the correct behaviour, action, or process in a particular situation. Interactive animated videos directly involve the viewer in the video narrative, creating unforgettable, unique learning experiences.
Selling Products

How to use interactive animated videos to sell products

Interactive animated videos are an effective tool to boost sales. They allow users to select various options, leading them to the right product. If your video showcases key products, use an “add to cart” button in your animation, allowing users to add products to their cart from within the video player window. This button can direct the user to a new video on your company’s e-commerce site, where their chosen product will be pre-populated into their basket. Helping the user to purchase in as few clicks as possible can provide a welcome conversions boost.
Landing Pages

How to use interactive animated videos on your landing pages

Interactive animated videos can perform a range of key functions on your landing pages; from serving as an engagement-focused material for raising brand awareness, as an advert for a particular product, or to help filter out job applicants.
Ask Questions

How to use interactive animated videos to ask questions

You can use an interactive animation to question prospects and customers about their preferences, needs and goals. This can help identify their key “pain points” and which products could best provide solutions. For example, you could ask a prospect to pick from a list of key competencies they want to improve and recommend a training course based on their answers. This process tailors content, making it highly relevant to them.
Training & Onboarding

How to use interactive animated videos in training and onboarding

Interactive animation is an effective way to aid learning and give your staff training an extra boost. Combining compelling visuals, sound, movement and interactivity, these videos are engaging, offering a unique opportunity for learning. Using interactive animated videos allows the user to follow key learning points with an interactive quiz functionality to test understanding. If the viewer chooses the correct answer, they can continue watching the video. If not, you can show them a short explanation of why they were wrong. This helps to boost understanding, encouraging learning and knowledge retention An additional benefit of using video in training is that it can be stored on your network and accessed whenever learners feel in need of a knowledge refresh.

Why use interactive animated videos?

Interactive animations put the viewer at the centre of the video, allowing them to control the content they access. Not only do these animations maximise user engagement, but they can also be used to create a tailored user experience. Whether your aim is to generate and qualify leads, encourage purchases, test knowledge, or simply entertain; an interactive video can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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