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What are intro videos?

Intro videos are the video equivalent of an elevator pitch; designed to quickly introduce the viewer to your brand and highlight why your product or service is central to solving their problems. 30-60 seconds in length, they quickly introduce new potential customers to your products or services and encourage them to buy.

How to use intro videos


How to use intro videos on your website

Your website is a key resource for prospects who want to learn more about your brand. Tell them exactly what makes your business stand out by including animated intro videos on key landing pages. This content gives new visitors an instant understanding of your product and a good introduction to your company. By educating visitors in this way, you can boost their trust in your brand and encourage them to buy. Potential added benefits of including video content on your landing pages include increased engagement, lower bounce rates and improving the amount of time spent on site. This has a positive knock-on effect on your SEO ranking factors, so you can enjoy multiple benefits with one easy fix. Ultimately, intro videos aid understanding and help convert browsers into buyers on your site.
Social Media

How to use intro videos on your social media

Social media is a huge part of any modern marketing strategy. With video viewing being one of the most popular activities online, video provides a great opportunity to engage with social media users in their preferred format (SmartInsights). Intro videos provide a snappy introduction to your products and services, engaging users and giving them a reason to further engage with your business. Increase the visibility of your intro video by pinning it to the top of your Facebook and Twitter profiles. This means that the video will be one of the first things that people see when they visit your social media pages, ensuring that all customers go away with a better understanding of your brand. Looking for more shares on social media? An intro video can help you do just that! On Twitter, posts with video are 6 times more likely be retweeted than posts using photography (HubSpot). That means that incorporating intro videos into your social media strategy can encourage shares; ensuring that your content is seen organically by more people. The result? An increase in conversions, which can prove very positive for your company’s bottom line.
Recruitment Campaigns

How to use intro videos in your recruitment campaigns

Whether you work in the recruitment industry, or in a sector with a high turn-over rate, an animated intro video could help you to attract top candidates. Video is a great way to cut through the noise, explaining the benefits of working for your company in an engaging way that encourages applications from the best talent. Use your intro video to spread the word about your excellent career opportunities across the web and on social media. This is a particularly effective way to reach out to younger generations, who are most active on social media. In a study by Statista, 96% of respondents aged 25-34 had a Facebook profile, proving that social media is an ideal platform to engage with this particular age group.
Video Advertising

How to use intro videos in video advertising

Sometimes even the best products can require a little extra explanation. By providing potential customers with a full understanding of your business and the key products or services it offers, you can help customers grasp how it can help them, thus encouraging them to convert. Video ads can be a useful tool in display advertising, grabbing the prospect’s attention. Explaining the value of what you do, and how this is relevant to your customers, in a short intro video can help them to understand what your business can do for them. Video animation is a high-impact medium which combines impactful elements, creating the perfect mix to engage and encourage your customers to convert.
YouTube Advertising

How to use intro videos in YouTube advertising

About 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube (Omnicore), so the platform is full of great opportunities to shout about your product. Add an intro video to the start of your YouTube videos to grab the viewer’s attention and introduce your brand. This is a great opportunity to help the viewer understand your business and the value you offer. It’s also a much more engaging and effective way to communicate with the user, compared to traditional text advertising. Intro videos immediately get your audience interested in your offering and encourage them to interact further with your brand.

Why use intro videos?

Short and snappy, with powerful messaging, intro videos are a great first touchpoint with your brand. By providing potential customers with a full understanding of your business and the key products or services it offers, you can help customers grasp how it can help them, thus encouraging them to convert.

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