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Bring your data to life with videographics

What are videographics?

You’ve got plenty of great data to inform and persuade your audience; but presenting it in a comprehensive way can prove a tricky process. Our videographics bring together data visualisations, icons, illustrations and characters to make data come to life, and create powerful stories which engage the viewer.

How to use videographics


How to use videographics to present your research

Original research is an effective marketing technique, because it helps you to position your brand as an industry leader. You can collect data through original surveys, questionnaires and analysis of your own business. Once you’ve collected your findings, you need to find the best way to present the information, in order to gain publicity and strengthen your brand. Videographics are a great way to present original research, because they are impactful and engaging. Video allows you to bring together data visualisation, icons, illustrations and sound, to tell the story of your research in a way your audience will respond to. A key benefit of videographics is that the content can be shared on YouTube, social media and email. The more people know about your research, the more likely it is to be referenced by third party websites and bloggers. When your research is referenced in other articles online, your business also gains more inbound links, which has a very positive impact on your SEO performance.

How to use videographics for education

Videographics take all the important data and key takeaways from your research, presenting them in a way that is clear, creative and well-designed. They are excellent for education and training because they combine text, data visualisations, movement and sound; creating a mixture that will appeal to all types of learner. Our brains are also able to process visual content far quicker than text, so videographics help to convey information in a more efficient way.

How to use videographics for storytelling

Videographics go beyond numbers; finding the real stories behind the data. Character, music, sound effects and data visualisations all help to add meaning to your statistics, transforming numbers into a cohesive story which your audience can understand. In such a way, videographics inform and engage the viewer, leaving a lasting emotional impact which makes your research even more memorable.
Content Marketing

How to use videographics for content marketing

Videographics look great and are full of interesting information; making them a popular choice for marketers. Incorporate videographics into your strategy, sharing them on your website and social media channels in order to diversify your content and introduce more people to your brand. You should also encourage relevant third-party websites and blogs to share your content. These sites love information that adds real value and original research ticks all the boxes. A high quality videographic cuts though the noise, getting the attention of the best content creators, who can share and promote your research on their websites, blogs and social media channels.

Why use videographics?

Videographics present facts and figures in a way that is visual, engaging and memorable. They aid information retention and learning, because the mix of visual, audial and kinetic elements appeal to a wide range of learning styles. Ultimately, this helps your brand to leave a lasting impact on the user.

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