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What are training videos?

Training videos are used for educating, training and onboarding new hires, with popular topics ranging from policies and processes, to company culture and key software. Whatever the topic of your training video, we can create an animation that is eye-catching, informative and most of all- memorable.

How to use training videos


How to use training videos in the classroom

Classroom-based training can be long and repetitive; that’s where animation comes in. Videos help to diversify sessions, adding interest and aiding learning. Video is particularly useful for visual and audial learners, as it presents key information in a way that complements their learning style. Whatever your training programme, an animated video can help engage viewers, aiding learning and boosting information retention. Video is incredibly versatile; you can use it to help explain core concepts or policies, show key software in-action, or demonstrate employee behaviours through scenario-based content.

How to use training videos for e-learning

In e-learning, video can be used to offset the lack of face-to-face tuition. The content is engaging and teaches employees in their preferred format. In turn, this encourages employees to take responsibility for their own professional development. An added benefit of using video in e-learning is that video can be paused, replayed and revisited at a later date. This means that employees can learn at their own pace and go back to key content when their knowledge is in need of a refresh. Mix-up your training materials by supplying text, image, worksheets and handbooks, in addition to your video. This multi-media approach to training boosts engagement and ensures that your materials complement every learning style.
Interactive Training Videos

How to use interactive training videos

Take your training videos to the next level with interactivity. Adding interactive elements to your videos increases engagement and creates powerful, memorable learning experiences. Interactive videos are valuable because they put the viewer in the driving seat. This means that the viewer can click to access key content, or answer quiz-style questions to test their knowledge. You can also encourage users to fill in forms or download additional training content from within the video window. Our interactive videos create memorable learning experiences with real impact. Quiz functionality is a great way to test employee behaviours. Users can be prompted to answer scenario-based questions which effect how the video narrative plays out. If the viewer selects the correct answer, the video continues; but if they are incorrect, they will be played video content explaining why this is wrong and encouraging them to answer the question again.

How to use training videos in email

Circulating your training video via email is an effective way to make sure your employees are clued-up about new products, policies or behavioural frameworks. Not only is video a more engaging way to train your employees, but it helps learners to remember more of your key learning points. In fact, according to HubSpot, people can recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later. Video complements different leaning styles and communicates key learnings in an impactful and memorable way. Email video is a great way to shout about new launches, initiatives or guidelines, combining impactful video content with the communicative power of email.

How to use training videos in your webinar

Webinars are live video sessions, where an expert trainer or speaker shares information with attendees on the internet. Webinars are effective because they utilise the best of face-to-face training; allowing real-time interaction with industry experts, whilst facilitating the sharing of information across the globe. Mixing up your content works wonders for increasing engagement; that’s why it’s a great idea for webinar speakers to play informative training videos on a shared screen. Video communicates information in a consistent and reliable way, maintaining high levels of interest and aiding the learning process.

Animated training videos help to breathe new life into stale training programmes, grabbing the audience’s attention and aiding learning. Research has found that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video, rather than reading documents, emails or articles (HubSpot). As such, animated training videos present information in the format which best encourages engagement and supports learning. Combining images, sound and movement, animations aid information retention. Training videos can be a valuable asset for implementing training that is comprehensive, engaging and standardised across the company.

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