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Boost your visibility online through social media videos

What are social media videos?

Social media videos are designed to promote your brand, product, or service on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. They are fun pieces of content, designed to engage the viewer, whilst subtly introducing them to your brand.

How to use social media videos

Status Updates

How to use social media videos in status updates

Posting a status update on social media platforms allows your followers to see your new content. You can increase the longevity of your most valuable content by using it as a pinned post on Facebook, or a pinned tweet on Twitter. Encouraging your followers to share your content is another effective way to increase views and reach new users. Launching a competition, giving users who share your video the opportunity to win a prize, is an effective way to boost shares.
Targeted Advertising

How to use social media videos in targeted advertising

Organic social is powerful; but investing in paid advertising can help take things to a whole new level. Paid social advertising gives you a range of targeting options, allowing you to reach your key audiences based on their interests, age, location and other key metrics. The pay-per-click set up means that you only pay when someone actively engages with your ad.

How to use social media videos on YouTube

YouTube has 1.8 billion monthly users (Business Insider), meaning it provides a large potential audience for your content. People browsing on YouTube want to see video content; so they are the ideal audience for your social media video. Interacting with users in the comments section can also help build your brand and improve trust.

How to use social media videos on Quora

Marketers are increasingly switching on to using question and answer site, Quora, to its full potential. The site currently has approximately 200 million monthly active users (Forbes), so you can reach your target audience, whilst enjoying less competition than you’d find on more established platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can reach out to users on Quora by answering relevant user queries with a social media video. This gains the user’s trust and encourages them to find out more about your brand; helping to push those all-important conversions.

Why use social media videos?

Nearly 1/3 of the world’s population are regular social media users (HubSpot) and the chances are, your target audiences are among them. According to Forbes, approximately 500 million people watch videos every day on Facebook alone, so there are plenty of opportunities to engage with potential new customers through social media videos. Social media is great for boosting engagement; but it can also play a major part in increasing sales. According to Forbes, 64% of internet users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video, making social media videos a valuable resource for driving those all-important conversions.

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