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Encourage purchases with product videos

What are product videos?

You’ve got a top-class product, so why not shout about it? Product videos are an informative and dynamic way to give potential customers a practical understanding of how your product works. Walking viewers through the intricacies of your product helps improve understanding, showing off key features and benefits.

How to use product videos


How to use product videos on your website

By the time they reach your website, visitors are usually interested in learning more about what your product does. Product videos help to give them that information in a quick and effective way. The video shows off your product; demonstrating how it works and how it can help solve your prospect’s problems. Incorporate product videos into media-rich website pages, full of images and short text explanations of customer FAQs. People learn differently, but this approach appeals to a broad spectrum, successfully conveying all the essential information your prospect needs to know. In addition to helping build customer confidence, product videos can benefit your SEO activity. Videos encourage users to spend time on your website. As your user’s average time on page increases, a key search engine ranking factor, you’ll notice a positive effect on your site’s SEO.
Product Pages

How to use product videos on your product pages

There’s no reason to limit product videos to the home page section of your website; they can add real value to product pages too. When a consumer shops in-store, they have the opportunity to hold a product and look at it up-close. Obviously this isn’t possible online; but product videos are the next best thing. Depending on your industry, this video could consist of an animated product tour, screen-recorded demo, or simply a member of your team showing how the product is used. Whichever type of video you opt for, it’s a valuable piece of content which helps inform the customer, builds trust in your brand and boosts conversions.
Sales Pitches

How to use product videos in your sales pitches

Although many aspects of your pitch will change depending on your audience, the likelihood is that your introduction to the product will largely stay the same. To be successful, it’s crucial that you deliver a perfect product pitch. That means giving your audience a seamless, comprehensive, articulate and clear insight into the key benefits and features of your product each and every time. That’s where product videos come in. Product videos look and sound great, adding a professional aspect to your pitch. They introduce viewers to key features and benefits of your product in a way that is slick, comprehensive and consistent. That can give you the confidence to get on to the detail of your pitch, confident that your audience already have an excellent understanding of your product offering.
Internal Training

How to use product videos in your internal training

Comprehensive training videos help to freshen and modernise dull training programmes. Our videos engage users and educate them about your product offering. Videos can be used to show employees how your product looks and works, in addition to highlighting key features. Product videos also give you the opportunity to explain the sort of customers your product is for, considering its use, specification and price point.

Why use product videos?

Product videos show users what your product looks like, how it works and gives potential customers the extra information they need to convert. The best bit? Consumers can’t get enough of video! With 72% of consumers preferring to learn about products or services via video (Forbes), animated product videos give the consumer exactly what they want.

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