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Our marketing videos drive traffic, generate leads and boost sales.

What are marketing videos?

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach – and convert – your target audience. Our animated marketing videos include everything from informative product demonstrations, to educational explainer videos and brand awareness-boosting video adverts. They are designed to drive traffic, encourage user engagement and, crucially, deliver return on investment

How to use marketing videos

Email Marketing

How to use videos in email marketing

Incorporating video content into your marketing emails can help give your marketing communications a unique edge, engaging consumers and encouraging conversion. Video content helps cut through the noise in the crowded world of email marketing, getting your brand noticed. 72% of consumers prefer to learn about products or services via video (Forbes), rather than by reading text, so placing a video in your email sends can be a great way to make your advertising stand out. Bringing together an engaging marketing video with snappy copy, attention-grabbing imagery and a killer subject line is a great way to rocket-fuel your email marketing performance. You should also include links to your website, to encourage your subscribers to take the next steps in their buyer’s journey.
Social Media

How to use marketing videos on social media

Social media and video advertising go hand-in-hand, with about 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube daily. Video has come to dominate social media platforms, with 500 million users consuming video content every day on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram are also getting in on the action, with video becoming an increasingly important media on the platforms. Animated videos are a powerful communication tool on social media. With its impactful appearance, amination is uniquely placed to cut through the noise and engage your target audience. Increased engagement leads to an uplift in likes and shares; bringing the possibility of your video going viral. Exposure like this can help take your brand to the next level.
Landing Pages

How to use marketing videos on your landing pages

Use marketing videos on your landing and product pages to boost understanding, engagement and – crucially – conversions. 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video, rather than read about a product or service, so our animation videos give your website visitors the opportunity to learn about your products and services, exactly how they want to. Giving your audience what they need boosts engagement and rocket-fuels your marketing effectiveness. Using videos on your landing pages can also increase average time spent on page. This increases the likelihood of people clicking through to other pages on your website and making a conversion. Average time spent on-page is also a key SEO ranking factor and increasing it can have very positive effect on your position on search engine results pages.
Product Pages

How to use marketing videos on your product pages

You can be the best copywriter in the world; but it doesn’t change the fact that people naturally prefer to learn about products by watching video content. Product videos are far more valuable to customers than lengthy text descriptions, because they actually show your product in action. This increases buyer confidence and encourages purchases, increasing conversions by up to 144% (HubSpot).
Customer Onboarding

How to use marketing videos for customer onboarding

Customer onboarding is all about attracting and retaining customers. Video can help you to achieve this by showcasing what your product can achieve, how it works and how this will help fulfil customer needs. Most people searching for more information about a product will head straight for your website. That’s why it’s effective to use video content on key product pages, providing clear and concise information about your offering. You can also add explainer or software demo videos to FAQ pages and customer help hubs, making sure that customers can find answers to key queries 24/7 – long after your customer helpline has closed. Informing your prospects and customers increases brand trust, boost conversions and gives you a better chance of turning customers into long-term repeat buyers and brand advocates.

Why use marketing videos?

Video engages your target audience and encourages conversions. It boosts awareness of your brand, building trust and ultimately leads to an increase in purchases. Not only have video adverts proven successful in increasing brand awareness, building trust and engaging with potential customers; they’re also great at encouraging viewers to make a purchase.

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