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Improve customer understanding and drive results with creative finance explainer video

What are finance explainer video animations?

Financial services can be confusing; that’s where a bespoke animated video can prove insightful. Finance videos are short explainer videos which highlight the key benefits of your products and services in a way that is understandable, informative and engaging.

Combining solid key messaging with informative graphics, our animations grab the viewer’s attention, aiding understanding of your brand and the financial products or services that you offer.

How to use animated finance explainer videos

Lead Pages

How to use animated finance explainer videos on lead pages

A financial services video is a great introduction to your brand and products. Used in a variety of ways, it can offer viewers a clearer idea of who you are and what you offer. Finance videos take complex topics and turn them into engaging, informative content that viewers understand and engage with. According to HubSpot, 72% of people prefer to watch a video, rather than read about a company, so animations help tell your audience who you are and what you do, in the way they find most engaging. Maximise lead conversions on your landing pages by adding strong call-to-actions after your video, encouraging prospects to fill in a contact form, sign-up to your email marketing list, or follow you on social media. This gives you an excellent pool of leads to remarket to and guide further along the customer journey.
Email Marketing

How to use animated finance videos in email marketing

Video can help you take your email marketing to the next level. Email marketing is incredibly valuable because it allows you to engage with highly qualified leads and customers who are already invested in your brand. You can include your explainer video in targeted email mailings, nurturing leads by sending videos to potential customers likely to be interested in your offering. Email mailings help guide the consumer down the marketing funnel, encouraging them to make a purchase. Emails which include video are particularly successfully and simply using video in an email can boost click-through rates by a whopping 200-300% (Forrester).
Trade Shows & Events

How to use animated finance videos at trade shows and events

Standing out at trade fairs and events can be a real challenge. That’s where your finance explainer video comes in. Videos can be a valuable resource for increasing footfall and encouraging engagement with your sales team. Videos are colourful and dynamic, so they instantly capture the attention of passing attendees. Getting noticed is step one. Step two is maintaining their interest. Most people prefer to learn about companies via video, rather than by reading text, so our financial explainer videos can help event attendees to learn more about your offering in a fun, non-pressured way. In turn, this will encourage them to visit your booth and interact with your sales team. Showing an explainer video at the entrance to your booth can also improve efficiency; allowing your salespeople to ditch the ‘elevator pitch’ and focus on converting users who are already informed about - and interested in - your products.

How to use animated finance videos in your advertising

Video and advertising are made for each other. Not only is video attention-grabbing and dynamic; it also helps you to tell stories which get to the core of your audience’s emotions and encourage them to interact. Video content is perfect for social media advertising. Share your video regularly across your social channels to improve exposure and provide new page visitors with an excellent understanding of your financial products. Alternatively, take advantage of paid social’s dynamic targeting options and advertise to users based on the demographics that are most valuable to your company.

Why use finance explainer video animations?

Videos break down complex financial information into an informative video that tells potential customers everything they need to know about your product. Our videos attract and inform viewers; but they’re also a great tool for boosting conversions.

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