How product videos can help drive conversions

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Animated product videos are powerful pieces of content that educate viewers; showcasing your product’s appearance and key features. They spark interest, giving prospects the information and consumer confidence they need in order to convert.

These conversions may include signing-up to your marketing emails, or requesting a follow-up from your sales team, allowing you to carry out additional nurturing. Alternatively, prospects might make a purchase right off the bat.  The question is; why are product videos so effective for generating conversions?


1. They make your product stand out

If your audiences aren’t aware of your product offering, then they can’t make a purchase. Combining strong visuals with sound and movement, videos capture your audience’s attention, making your product stand out from the crowd.

Product videos are particularly valuable on social media because platforms like Facebook and Twitter are full of advertisers all vying for the user’s attention. In fact, on average, social media users only spend 1.7 seconds engaging with each piece of content, so it’s important to make an immediate impact on the viewer (Adweek). This way you can spark interest, encouraging clicks through to your website.


2. They engage the user

Users enjoy watching video content; that’s why they attract a high quantity of likes, comments and shares on social media. In fact, social videos are 12 times more likely to be shared than posts containing text and images alone (WordStream). Highly engaged users are more likely to click through to your website – potentially resulting in increased conversions.


3. They boost time spent on page

Once users have visited your website, video encourages them to spend more time on your landing pages. In fact, 88% of visitors spend longer browsing sites that feature video content on their landing pages (ReelSEO). The more time consumers spend engaging with your content, the more they learn about your product and brand. This can have a significant impact on subsequent purchase decisions, whilst also positively impacting your SEO.


4. They improve understanding

The average browsing time for a webpage is a measly 6 seconds. That means that your landing pages must communicate all the key messages about your product in a limited amount of text.

Adding a product video to your webpage helps to inform users, telling them all the key features and benefits of a product, whilst showing them exactly what the item actually looks like and how to use it. Product videos communicate clearly and efficiently, increasing user understanding and engagement. Ultimately, product videos empower consumers and give them the knowledge they need to make a purchase decision.


5. They encourage conversion

Videos engage users, educating them and encouraging further interactions with your brand and product offering. The more a consumer understands your product’s benefits, the more likely they are to convert. Therefore, it’s no surprise that using video on landing pages can boost conversions by a whopping 80% (Eye View Digital).


If your conversion rate is lagging behind, then adding a product video to your landing pages might just be the solution. Want to find out more about commissioning your own bespoke product animation? Speak to the r//eplay team today.

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